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Sanitizing Products

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Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

Sanitizing Products

Diamond Deluxe Cleaning Service is a small family-owned business. We have just opened our doors in Des Moines, Iowa, and we are inviting anyone in the area or within a 30 mile radius from our location to try our service.  

For Diamond Deluxe it is not about the money that drives our passion, it is the look on our clients face when we are done. We incorporate C.A.R.E in our core values. We are Committed, and our clients are number one. Diamond Deluxe Cleaning Service will always be Available 24/7 to take your call and we are Reliable. Our priority is to give our clients top notch performance. Lastly, this business is all about being Efficient, that means we do not waste time getting the job done. Diamond Deluxe is a local business that provides high quality cleaning services for affordable prices. 

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